Our CPAs have over 20 years of experience

From payroll to cash flow analysis, you can rely on our bookkeeping team to maintain clear records on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Our CPAs have over 20 years of experience can ensure your financial statements are accurate and up to date.


When it comes to operating your business, having an expert accountant can give you a clear idea of your assets, costs, and how best to report your revenue or grow your business. We specialize in generating accurate cash flow statements, expenditure reporting, and providing you with reliable financial guidance.

Tax management

Our tax experts will not only prepare your tax return, but we’ll also ensure you take advantage of every deduction available and provide you with expert tax advice. Whether you’re planning on purchasing new equipment for your restaurant or expanding your franchise into a new territory, we’ll strive to keep your tax liability low.

IRS representation

We have extensive experience working with the IRS to resolve taxpayer issues. As your trusted financial representative, we’ll assist you in preparing any needed documentation, and give you the guidance you need to address any audit of your business.


We are providing our clients with expert knowledge on the latest accounting standards,  requirements and regulations and making sure they have the information they need to  operate effectively.  

– Audit
– Review
– Compilation
– Internal Control Audit 


We provide our clients the payroll service timely and accurately.

– Payroll consulting
– Prepare/calculate payroll checks for each employee
– Prepare payroll reports and pay payroll taxes

Financial reporting

Our accounting specialists will accurately report your earnings, expenses, payroll, and all needed financial assets whenever you’d like. We can help you better understand your business’ financial health so that you can make informed business decisions for the future.

Bill payment

sales, purchase consulting

Investment consulting

Monthly, quarterly, annual reporting

Tax preparation audit assistance

And more

WLT Other Services

We offer a wide variety of financial services that include:

We also have close relationships with local/nationwide real estate brokers to assist you with commercial property purchases and business expansion. Contact us today for more information.

Expert accounting services.

For over 20 years, we’ve met the needs of restaurant business owners throughout Atlanta, GA. Our team of fully licensed and certified CPAs can provide you with expert tax preparation, payroll services, bookkeeping, and auditing assistance. We’ll ensure our financial reporting is accurate, timely, and we’re more than happy to answer your questions. Connect with us today to learn how we can best serve you.